For Churches

For Churches

We are so blessed to be supported by our extended church family, and thank you for the continued prayers and support that you offer. If you are looking for further ways to be involved in sharing Cairn’s camping ministry, we would love to be able to help.

PresbyterianCome and See

Chaplain Program:

Every week we invite a Presbyterian minister to act as our camp Chaplain, helping with our camper and staff Talking and Learning in Christ (TLC) Bible study times at Glen Mhor and Iona, helping plan and lead our end-of-week worship, and providing the ability to immerse themselves in our camping ministry. If you are interested in being one of our Chaplains for a week of the summer, please contact Robynne Howard at [email protected].


Involve your Congregation

Create a campership fund:

In order to allow all children the opportunity to benefit from the camping experience, Cairn offers a Campership Fund to offset the cost of camp for families with financial need. You can become involved by setting up a Campership Fund in your congregation by raising money to send children and young adults from your own congregation to camp, or by donating to our camp-based fund. Please contact Bridget Tilly at [email protected], or 705-767-3300, with any questions.

Donate one week’s church offering to camp:

Create a desginated camp offering envelope, or dedicate one week’s offering to camp! You can choose to specify this donation towards a certain project at camp, or make a general donation to camp. Either way, your support in this way would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Bridget Tilly at [email protected], or 705-767-3300, with any questions.

Introduce a Camp Representative:

Have a member of your congregation be a Camp Rep, receiving regular updates about camp throughout the year. They will then be able to deliver announcements to your congregation, keeping you up to date on the status of Cairn’s ministry. Contact Robynne Howard at [email protected] should you wish to set up a Camp Rep in your congregation.

Host an Event

Host a Camp Service:

We would be delighted to lead your congregation in a Sunday service, or be involved in parts of your worship: from telling the children’s story, to leading singing, or any other place you fit us in! We are currently booking dates to visit churches in our Synod from January through April. If this would be of interest to you and your congregation, please contact Robynne Howard at [email protected].  

Bring camp to your church this summer through CYOB:

Would you like to start a week-long summer day camp in your congregation? Looking for a way to revamp your current VBS? Then CYOB is the programme for you! We prepare curriculum and send you trained staff to run your summer program. If you would like to know more about the CYOB program, please go to our CYOB page.

Host a Camp Night for church families:

A perfect event to give families a taste of what a summer camp experience at Cairn will be like, complete with camp games, campfire songs, and learning about all that Cairn’s camping ministry has to offer. It is a great way to understand what kind of impact a camp experience like this have on your children. Details can vary, depending on your congregation: we can schedule around evening Bible studies or youth events, and can even include a potluck dinner, if that’s what would work best for you! If you and your congregation would consider this a fun and interesting way to spend your evening with your greater church community, please contact Robynne Howard at [email protected] for more details.

For Churches