Parent Information

Parent Information

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Access Your Account
To access your CampBrain registration account, please go to Use this site to register for sessions, complete health forms and camper information forms, and make any outstanding payments.

What to Bring to Camp
The clothing and equipment campers bring with them can dramatically affect their comfort and enjoyment of their camp experience. We ask that you help your camper select appropriate gear for their week at camp. Luggage is also carried from the parking lot to cabins at Glen Mhor (up to 75m), and to the tent sites at Iona (up to 500m), so consider using bags with sturdy handles such as duffel bags or back packs. Also, check out our video on "How to Pack for Summer Camp"

Glen Mhor Packing List
Iona Packing List
Trip Packing List

For a more detailed look into our facilities, including buildings, food and dietary, and programs offered, please see the Facilities page 

Parent Information Package
This package includes an overview of the camp facilities and program, a packing list, information on opening and closing days, how to contact your camper while they are at camp, directions to camp, and some additional information.
Glen Mhor Welcome Package
Iona Welcome Package
Trip Welcome Package

Frequently Asked Questions
See our FAQ page for answers to common questions from parents. If your question remains unanswered, you may call the camp office at 705-767-3300 or send us an email at

Opening and Closing Day

Opening Day
Registration for the camp sessions will occur between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. Campers who arrive early will be asked to stay with their drivers until they are registered and officially taken into our care.


Upon your arrival, you will be directed to park your car, then register your camper in the Lodge at Glen Mhor, or at the entrance to the Iona site. Please bring any medication to the registration table to be kept in the Health Centre by our Camp Nurse, and administered when necessary. We will have Tuck Shop merchandise available to be purchased, and you may also request a tour of the site at this time. If you have any questions, camp staff members, identifiable by their uniforms, will be happy to assist you.

Closing Day
Parents and guardians are invited to attend our Closing Campfire at 10:00am on Closing Day. Campers must be signed out between 10:00am and 11:00am. You will be required to provide photo ID to sign out your child.

Please note:
If, due to an emergency, you are unable to pick up or drop off your camper during the established times, please call the camp office at 705-767-3300.

Contacting Campers

There is nothing more exciting than receiving a letter while at camp! Your camper can pack some stamps and envelopes to send you mail as well, if they’d like. Keep in mind that it takes about three business days for mail to travel in Ontario. Our mailing address is 3200 Muskoka Road 117, Baysville ON, P0B 1A0

In order to maintain regular contact with your camper, we offer a free, one-way email service to all camper families. Send an email to, including the camper’s name and cabin name in the subject line, and we will print off these emails every morning to distribute to the campers. Please note that there is no reply option.

Phone Calls
To help each camper experience the rewards of a successful, independent stay at camp, we believe it is best to limit telephone contact from home. Please make it clear to your child that, while you will be able to contact each other by phone in case of emergency, you will probably not need to talk on the phone during their time at camp. If we receive an emergency phone call from you, we will bring your child to the Camp Office as soon as possible to speak with you.

Parent Information